OSL - Outer Space Law for International Cooperation and Sustainable Development


Agreement between the Italian Space Agency and the Department of Political Sciences, Sapienza University of Rome

The research project OSL - Outer Space Law for International Cooperation and Sustainable Development is carried out within the scientific cooperation between Sapienza University of Rome and the Italian Space Agency.

The research is focused on three main areas: 1) the analysis of the legal instruments of international cooperation for the development of space activities, especially in the context of  international relations between Italy and Kenya on the Broglio Space Centre; 2) the identification of the most suitable national regulatory and institutional framework for the specific needs of Italy and Kenya; 3) the study of the rules applicable to mini satellites, with particular reference to the 1KUNS-Kenya Sat project, born from the collaboration between the Italian Space Agency, Sapienza University and the University of Nairobi.

Link to the dedicated website: https://www.outerspacelawsapienza.it/

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Team Sapienza: Prof Sergio Marchisio (Scientific Coordinator), Dr. Gianfranco Nucera, Dr. Pierfrancesco Breccia, Dr. Anne-Sophie Martin, Dr. Alessandra Matteis, Dr. Ludovica Ciarravano

Selected Documents:





S. Marchisio

The Law of Outer Space Activities

Edizioni Nuova Cultura, 2022


Table of Contents



Nuova Cultura

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  The Law of Outer Space Activities provides an up-to-date treatise through a multi-faceted perspective and with special regard to State practice. Throughout the book, the author accompanies legal reasoning with vibrant insights on the state-of-the-art of space law and policy at the international, regional and national levels. From this perspective, its ambition is to rise an ever-increasing interest of University students in the law of outer space activities.



GLEC 2022



Team OSL

The Global Conference on Space for Emerging Countries 

Masterclass and Plenary 3

16-20 May 2022






On 16th May 2022 the Masterclass on Space Law and Policy opened GLEC 2022. The aim of the Masterclass was in line with the Conference objective to create awareness on the essential legislative and policy elements that must be considered in establishing a firm foundation for national or regional space programmes. Therefore, the establishment of appropriate framing of laws and policies within national and regional space ecosystems is deemed vital, as it determines the key governance constructs required for effective space programmes






Team OSL

Webinar - Highlighting the Relevance of Space Law for Developing Space Ecosystems in Africa

20 April 2022









As part of the OSL Project, the main purpose of the Webinar was to highlight the relevance of space law for developing space ecosystems in Africa. To this end, the first objective was to exchange views among participants and enlighten the audience on the existing legal frameworks and the need for space legislation and regulation for nascent space faring countries, such as Kenya.





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