Third Mission and Local Activities

immagine generica terza missione

Sapienza University is committed to promoting and facilitating the application, promotion, diffusion and transfer of knowledge and technology, always at the service of the community. For this purpose, besides the university main functions, i.e. education and research, Sapienza implements practical action with other institutions and companies.

These activities pertain to two major fields:

  • Valorization of research, which includes the management of intellectual and industrial property, the academic entrepreneurship and the framework of intermediation and technological transformation;
  • Production of public assets, which includes the management of the cultural heritage, healthcare tutelage, extended education and public engagement, with a particular focus on cultural activities of public utility, popular science, public participation and interaction with the school system.

In this spirit, Sapienza offers its proficiency and world-class expertise in different areas of the scientific knowledge, striving to contribute to the social, economic and cultural development of the contemporary society.

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