The PhD program in  Cell and Developmental Biology is also  part of the Biology and Molecular Medicine (BeMM) School, which brings together several PhD courses. Each PhD course organizes 1-2 teaching courses/year, ranging from scientific English to structural bionformatics, drug discovery and delivery, animal testing and biostatistics. Thus, each student has the possibility of choosing among several courses every year.


First year PhD program courses

Bibliographic Databases, Catalogs, Open Access [April 17, 2018, 15-17 in aula Monesi, via A. Scarpa 16.- Dr. Maria Squarcione]

Scientific English
Animal Testing
Laboratory Safety


Second year PhD program courses

Bioinformatics: Theory and Applications from Genomes to Drugs
Genomics and Medicine
Scientific Writing


Third year PhD program courses

Drug Discovery & Delivery
Biotechnology Patents
Fundamental of enzyme Kinetics
BeMM Symposium

In addition, two theoretical-practical courses are also  organized every year to provide an updating on new methodologies and the use of  model systems  in genetics and biomedical research.

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