The PhD course in Genetics and Molecular Biology is a three-year course aimed at training researchers capable of working with scientific originality and updated  methodological expertise in the field of molecular-genetic research.

About 10-15 students enter each programme every year, selected among candidates applying from all over the country as well as from abroad.

Students attend both general didactic activities organized by the BeMM School and specific lectures held by the teachers of the scientific board. Several seminars on specific subjects organized by the Department of Biology and Biotechnology implement the already wide panel of the internal ones.

Every six months each student has to present in English a progress reports of his/her research to other students and tutors.
At the end of the three year course, every student presents in English a summary of his/her research activity to the PhD school board and to external reviewers for approval.

FISV Conference

Three PhD Courses of Sapienza University of Rome will support the participation of their graduate students (XXXI, XXXII and XXXIII Cycles) to the FISV 2018 meeting.

PhD Welcome Day - XXXIV cycle

On Monday, November 26, at the Aula Magna of the Rectorate, Sapienza University will welcome students who begin their PhD Program.