SISUMed 1° Congresso internazionale aprile 2022

SISUMed (Società Italiana di Scienze Umane in Medicina) in collaboration with the Department of Medico-Surgical Sciences and Biotechnologies and the Department of Molecular Medicine - Sapienza University of Rome, is organizing its 1 st  Congress which will be held in Rome (in blended mode) on April 8 th  and 9 th , 2022.

The Scientific Society plans to investigate the following issues:

- The role of the human sciences in medical education

- Can the human sciences contribute to the building and development of health?

- The humanities, medical epistemology and ethics in medical education

- Intersections and Conversations: Can the humanities be interpreted as a discipline and a branch of knowledge?

- What is the role of the history of medicine in the human sciences?

- What is the role for global health, sociology and health anthropology in human sciences?

The Scientific Committee of the Congress has welcomed works by researchers from different areas of study within thematic sessions concerning:

- New tools in medical education

- The historical method as a tool for medical education

- Epistemology, philosophy of medicine and ethics in medical education

- Training for complexity in medicine

Link per l'iscrizione al congresso:

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