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The Department of Surgical Sciences, founded in 2000 by Prof. Giorgio Di Matteo, has a long and qualified surgical activity. In 1904 Francesco Durante had transferred his surgical activity to the newly inaugurated Policlinico Umberto I. The current departmental organization has allowed a better operative articulation, a more congruous structural distribution and a definitive functional destination of the diagnostic-therapeutic structural complexes in relation to the activities of the Divisions and Services.

The Roman Surgical School, from which the Department of Surgical Sciences originates, recognizes Francesco Durante, Roberto Alessandri, Raffaele Paolucci, Pietro Valdoni and Paride Stefanini among its founders. Prof. Giovanni Marcozzi, a student of Prof. Valdoni and Prof. Paolucci, is responsible for the strong commitment to the destination of the III Clinic Surgery building, which he directed from 1967 (year of its construction) until 1985. Since 1985 in 2001 he was succeeded by Prof. Giorgio Di Matteo.


Fotografia Quarta Clinica Chirurgica"The first stone of the Policlinico was placed on January 19, 1888 in the presence of King Umberto I and Queen Margherita, but it was towards September of the following year that the construction works took effective development, that is, after they were completed the final plans of the various buildings. The works continued until the end of 1902 and in August 1904 the Policlinico began to operate with a total capacity of 1650 beds. The total cost of construction was 18.348.400 liras. In 1937 the Royal University and the Pio Istituto di Santo Spirito signed an agreement to regulate their relations with the Policlinico"

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