Course catalogue

The course catalogue of the Department of Surgical Sciences consists of:


The degree course aims to ensure the student an adequate mastery of general scientific methods and contents, even if the student is interested in acquiring of specific professional knowledge. The acquisition of professional knowledge is aimed at the inclusion of the graduate in the world of work and at the performance of the related professional activities, in compliance with the provisions of the law and the European Union.


The professional master's degree is an academic title of scientific specialization and high permanent and recurrent education awarded to post-graduate professionalization courses. The professional masters are a part of Sapienza's institutional course catalogue and are an expression of specific interests of the Departments in the areas of research, innovation and educational experimentation, also with regard to the establishment of new professions that require highly specialized knowledge; first level of professional master's degrees require a bachelor degree, second level of professional master's degrees require a master degree or equivalent.


The PhD course is the third level of italian university education, ensures scientific research training and provides the necessary skills to carry out research activities, also at international level, and highly qualified professional activities; it has a three-year duration.  

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