Balkanstone International project


Platform for Higher Education and Companies destined to promote, modernise and help sustainable growth in the natural-stone industry in the Western Balkans.
Ref.: 610483-EPP-1-2019-1-AL-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP
International project funded by the Erasmus+ programme, within Key Activity 2 for Capacity Building in the field of higher education, with a duration of 3 years and a total budget of 872,309 Euros.

The Western Balkans’ industry needs to introduce important changes, considering the following matters: management, extraction methods, processing methods, quality controls, following international standards, placing methods, marketing strategies.
These changes require the engagement of all local authorities, higher education institutions and vocational education and training centres.
Without the contribution of educational organisations, the modernisation of the stone industry is deemed impossible.
Achieving this objective will enable the development of the project in compliance with the requirements and standards of the EU, while at the same time meeting the current needs of the international market for natural stone products.
The initial phase of the project will involve the development of a number of studies on the current market situation in order to subsequently design educational programmes intended for both university education and vocational training.
The programmes will be based on the preliminary studies carried out during the initial phase and will be entirely adapted to the current market needs.
In addition, it is also planned that a number of courses be carried out for testing the programmes and training the teachers from the different educational levels (university and higher vocational training).
Moreover, a multimedia handbook and an online resource centre with educational information will also be prepared as additional material intended to be used in the educational programmes.
The different partner countries will hold promotional events for the project and its products and, at the project’s completion, an international event for its dissemination will be held in Tirana (Albania).



The project includes the following partners

A total of 15 institutions conform this partnership:

Partners from the European Union:

•    Universidade da Coruña – Facultade de Arquitectura Técnica – A Coruña – Spain
•    Consellería de Educación Universidad y Formación Profesional / IES Ribeira do Louro – Santiago de Compostela – Spain
•    CTM- Centro Tecnológico del Marmol de Cehegin – Murcia – Spain
•    University Sapienza – Italy
•    Scuola Edile Padova – Italy (Vocational Training Centre)
•    National Technical University of Athens – Greece
•    Transilvania University of Brasov – Romania

Partners from the Balkans

•    Polytechnic University of Tirana – Albania – Coordinator
•    University of Elbasan “Aleksander Xhuvani”– Albania
•    University of Gjirokastër “Eqrem Çabej” – Albania
•    University of Sarajevo – Faculty of Architecture – Bosnia and Herzegovina
•    University of Mostar – Faculty of Civil Engineering – Bosnia and Herzegovina
•    Mediterranean University of Podgorica – Montenegro
•    International College of Business and Technology – Faculties of Architecture and Engineering – Kosovo
•    University of Pristine – Kosovo

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