ECoNA promotes interdisciplinary projects in the following research areas:

  • Psychology of cognitive processes
  • Neural Networks
  • Non-linear Dynamics
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Logics, languages and methods of programming
  • Psychophysiology and Neuropsychology
  • Modeling human mental processes
  • Pedagogical communication
  • Education with support of intelligent processors
  • Probabilistic approaches to uncertainty situations
  • Learning processes


These projects are particularly intended to practical applications, with innovations arising from the ECoNA's interdisciplinarity.
Special attention is given to the following topics:

  • Pattern recognition
  • Communication systems (linguistic or generic)
  • Issues of human-machine interaction
  • Intelligent Educational Systems
  • Data-base management
  • Optimization of cognitive strategies according to their complexity
  • Learning methods in natural and artificial systems
  • Knowledge representation
  • Expert systems and decision-making supports
  • Problems of adaptation and organism-environment relations
  • Systems for extraction and classification of features
  • Robotics
  • Planning problems and strategy-making
  • Issues of environmental planning
  • Automatic methods of software development

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