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Please send an e-mail to

In order to complete the registration successfully, please specify the following personal information in your email:
- Name
- Surname 
- Status (professor or student)
- Identification number (if student) 
- Place and date of birth
- Which and how many plenary sessions you are willing to attend 
  (All sessions;
   1st session, 6th April afternoon;
   2nd session, 7th April morning;
   3rd session, 7th April afternoon)
Please note that the deadline for on-line registration is on April 1st .


Per gli studenti ISO:


Per ulteriori informazioni sui crediti formativi controllare la sezione "ISO" a fianco alla voce "HOME" sulla pagina principale, oppure selezionare la voce "FOR ISO STUDENTS" nel menù a sinistra nella Home.