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Per gli studenti ISO: Si comunica agli studenti del corso di Laurea L-11 e LM-36 che è stata approvata dalla Commissione Tirocini la partecipazione al SYmposium.

La partecipazione ai tre pomeriggi, seguita da un elaborato attinente alle tematiche presentate, da concordare con la docente, darà la possibilità di ottenere 2 cfu.

Qualora si desiderasse anche far parte del comitato organizzativo per la componente studentesca (da comunicare entro il 14 ottobre 2021), quindi contribuire all'organizzazione e diffusione del simposio tramite sito dedicato, si otterrebbero 4 cfu.


                                                                   3rd ELF INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM


It is an incontrovertible fact that, with the spread of English as a lingua franca (ELF), we are at present witnessing “an unprecedented linguistic situation” in which “a language has reached truly global dimensions, across continents, domains, and social strata… accelerated by the dramatic expansion of electronic communication through the internet” (Seidlhofer, 2011).

ELF as a contact language – with a sociolinguistic function, differentiated according to place, time, and context – is in constant growth and expansion. ELF brings obvious advantages to its users as it enables them to "language" across linguacultural boundaries, but at the same time becomes the witness of dramatic circumstances, when, for instance, becomes the only way of communication for migratory flows. At the same time, ELF is the privileged tool of mutual understanding for "Transient International Groups", groups of people that meet for a temporary span of time and in shifting contexts. Finally, ELF is the principal means of communication at school, because educational settings are populated by non-native speakers.

In this symposium, which is the 3rd of the kind held at Sapienza, all these controversial and complex issues will be treated by the most important authorities in the field, with Prof. Emeritus Henry Widdowson, Prof. Barbara Seidlhofer, Prof. Emeritus Kurt Kohn, Prof. Donna Tatsuki, Prof. Maria Grazia Guido and many others, who are acknowledged as worldwide experts in an international scenario.


Students will have the honor and thrill of participating in a symposium where the newest scientific gains and findings in the specific area are first presented and shared.


Referente scientifico: Prof. Marina Morbiducci