The Roman Herbarium

It was established on the initiative of Pietro Romualdo Pirotta who wanted to bring together, in a single body, the already existing materials and the new collections specially promoted and organized by him. The preparation of this regional herbarium made available a rich documentation that, integrated with bibliographic surveys, should have served in the preparation of the Flora romana, of which unfortunately only the first two dossiers of historical-bibliographic character came to light. The Roman Herbarium contains the collections specifically set up by the gardener Agostino Pappi (1872-1951) and the historical collections from the Lazio region of Francesco Antonio Sebastiani, Ernesto Mauri, Elisabetta Fiorini Mazzanti, Pietro Sanguinetti, Ettore Rolli. Among the collectors of the '900 there are Giuseppe Lusina, Alfredo Cacciato and Bruno Anzalone.



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