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Program structure & courses


1st semester, Academic Year 2018/2019– Fall/Winter (Timetable)

  • Mathematics, Prof. Arsen Palestini (syllabus)
  • Statistics, Prof. Giorgio Alleva (syllabus)
  • Development Economics, Prof. Pierluigi Montalbano (Syllabus)

2nd semester, Academic Year 2018/2019 – Spring

  • Econometrics, Prof. Maria Felice Arezzo (syllabus)
  • Microeconomics, Prof. Carmelo Parello
  • Welfare Economics, Prof. Flaviana Palmisano (syllabus)
  • Applied Economics, Prof. Fabio Sabatini (syllabus)
  • Causality in Microeconometrics, Prof. Marco Ventura
  • Field courses & selected topics (provisional list)

Summer (July)

  • Research proposal presentations



  • Research visiting
  • Presentation at SESS Annual Seminars (on September each year)
  • Presentation to field workshops and conferences
  • Thesis Writing
  • Final defense 

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