Call for Papers EADI Conference 2017

Mercoledì, 2 Novembre, 2016


Rome, 2 November 2016

EuroSapienza invites you to submit papers to the GENERAL CONFERENCE 2017 of the European Association of Development and Training Research Institutes (EADI) GENERAL CONFERENCE 2017:
Globalisation at the Crossroads – Rethinking Inequalities and Boundaries.

EuroSapienza promotes the following Working Group sessions:

1. Development Beyond Economic Growth: Societal Challenges in Contemporary Asia [Working Group “Global Asia”]

2. Sustainable development, vulnerability and resilience in Asia’s fragile Environments [Joint session of Working Groups “Global Asia” and “Sustainable Development, Vulnerability and Resilience”]

3. Can vulnerable communities be resilient to global changes or should they design their own sustainable development path? [Working Group “Sustainable Development, Vulnerability and Resilience”]

Other Working Group sessions are presented at the “Call for Papers” webpage:

The EADI NORDIC Conference 2017, 21-23 August 2017 - Bergen, Norway, aims to address a series of challenges in development (policy, research, practices) in a multi-polar world.

The thematic overview of the Conference is presented in the webpag: