E' stato pubblicato il volume curato da Donatella Strangio e Giuseppe Sancetta

Mercoledì, 14 Ottobre, 2015

Roma, 14 ottobre 2015

EuroSapienza informa con piacere che è stato pubblicato il volume curato da Donatella Strangio and Giuseppe Sancetta

Italy in a European Context. Research in Business, economics and the Environment

Edited by Donatella Strangio, Giuseppe Sancetta, Palgrave MacMillan, 2015, - ISBN 9781137560766.

Donatella Strangio and Giuseppe Sancetta bring contributors together in this edited collection to investigate the role of Italy in pursuing the EU five targets by 2020: R&D/innovation expenditures; the energetic measures for climate change; migration; the counter actions against poverty and social exclusion. This ambitious book uses a multidisciplinary approach and original field studies to tackle this important topic. This work supports diffusion of a European culture and attempts to overcome the skepticism toward political institutions following the economic crisis. It analyzes the impact of EU actions to exit from the negative cycle and proposes how a sense of citizenship can be created.

Presentation of the book at Palgrave Macmillan

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