EuroSapienza participates to the: EADI General Conference 2017

Martedì, 6 Settembre, 2016

EuroSapienza participates to the:
EADI General Conference 2017: Globalisation at the Crossroads – Rethinking Inequalities and Boundaries
21-23 August 2017 - Bergen, Norway

The EADI NORDIC Conference 2017, in Bergen, aims to address a series of challenges in development (policy, research, practices) in a multi-polar world.

Thematic overview:

Call for Papers:
Researchers on development issues are invited to present papers for the EADI NORDIC 2017 Conference under the Working Group sessions or the Ad hoc Panels. Papers should be related to the topics of the working group sessions / Ad hoc panels of the conference – there is no facility for standalone papers at this conference.

Please consult the session descriptions and use the online submission tool to submit your abstract by 16 January 2017. Authors will be informed by the organising team no later than 28 February 2017 whether their subject has been accepted. We welcome submissions in English and French.

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