Master: European and International Policies and Crisis Management 2016-17

Lunedì, 24 Ottobre, 2016

Has been activated, for the 2016/2017 academic year, the Professional Master Course (First-Level):

"European and International Policies and Crisis Management " EIPCM

at the Faculty of Economics and the Department of Methods and Models for Economic Territory and Finance of the University of Rome "La Sapienza."

The Master’s Programme, in English, offers the necessary analytical and theoretical skills required by national and international organizations and the non-profit sector, in particular with regards to crisis management in contexts troubled by-institutional transition and underdevelopment. In this context, particular importance will be given to the international role played by the EU. The Master’s provides students with theoretical knowledge and empirical case studies related to the following areas: • Management of international organizations and the European Union; • Strategic management of national, regional and supranational institutions; • Management of the non-profit sector.

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