Summer School on "Rome-Copenhagen Urban Challenge"



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RCUC 2018 (Rome-Copenhagen Urban Callenge)

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RCUC 2017 (Rome-Copenhagen Urban Challenge)

** New web page: RCUC 2017 (Rome-Copenhagen Urban Challenge 2017) **

EuroSapienza together with the Copenhagen Busines School - CBS - presents a Summer School that jointly offers a Higher education Course on Rome-Copenhagen Urban Challenge.

Summer School (Economics, Urban Planning, Social Science) on 
“Rome-Copenhagen Urban Challenge - Urban Farming and Gardening in Rome and Copenhagen”

The Summer School has been held in 

- Copenhagen:  21 August - 1 September 2017
- Rome: 4 September - 15 September 2017

15 students, at Sapienza, have been selected to be admtted free of charge and receive € 275.00 for their two weeks visit in Copenhagen within the Erasmus+ Programme

Moreover, as a new initiative this year CBS has paid for rental bikes for the visiting students during their stay in Copenhagen as well as lunch every weekday at CBS.

The call for Application at Sapienza is available at "SAPIENZA Offerta Formativa"  (  

Other information and the application procedure at CBS are availble at:

The Rome-Copenhagen Urban Challenge is part of the Urban Challenge Program. The overall aim is to act as a foundational unit for students, teachers, municipalities and businesses across disciplinary backgrounds and national borders to address urgent challenges and sustainability issues in different European contexts. The Rome-Copenhagen Urban Challenge will focus on a study of urban farming and gardening in Rome and Copenhagen. Students from Sapienza University of Rome and CBS will be taught by professors from both universities and the Copenhagen-based design consultancy Urgent Agency.

flyer about the Urban Challenge Programme is available  here.

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