Exploring the discursive creation of argumentation and ideology in evolving specialized knowledge domains
13 e 14 giugno 2019, ore 14.00
Sala delle Lauree, 2° piano Ala della Presidenza
Facoltà Di Economia

Members of the Rome Sapienza Unit of the PRIN Project and the CLAVIER board members are pleased to announce the holding of a Colloquium at the Faculty of Economics, Rome, on June 13-14, 2019. “Argumentation” and “ideology” offer a useful grounding for linguistic analysis. By analyzing the pragmatic indexicality of argumentation we can identify the bids made by text producers to have their knowledge claims accepted as both “reasonable” and “right”. On the other hand, the study of ideology reveals beliefs, values and the social positionings of interlocuters. The Colloquium intends, therefore, to gather research experiences and findings on these topics as far as they refer to the wide range of specialized knowledge domains studied to date. It is expected that the channels and directions of the communications reported on will be extremely varied, reflecting the intense change taking place in the evolving digital media, where traditional patterns of knowledge consumption are being continuously interceded by new forms of citizen participation and contribution.

Coordinamento scientifico
prof.ssa Rita Salvi

T. 0649766417


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