ECOMI 2020/2021

Economics and comunication for management and innovation is a multi-disciplinary programme specifically based on the needs of enterprises and Confindustria, the main Italian Association of Entrepreneurs. The programme is based on enterprise science, digital communications and applied computer science.

The objective is to train professionals who will be able to meet the multi-disciplinary requirements of modern enterprise, extending the traditional curricula of single-faculty programmes and moulding economics, computer science and social sciences. The programme will provide students with skills in enterprise communications, innovation process management skills, and enterprise strategies and tools for innovative and international contexts.


Learning outcomes

  • Managerial skills to face enterprise government and management;
  • Knowledge to correctly interpret and management enterprise evolution from a strategic, organisational, market and financial point of view, as well as from an international and intercultural prospective;
  • Excellent command of the English language;
  • Enterprise government and management skills for innovative and international contexts, including enterprise strategy, communications, and enterprise, finance and innovation management;
  • Understanding of general enterprise economics, legal framework, and quantitative, mathematical and statistical methodologies to support decisions and interpretations of the macro-environment;
  • Ability to coordinate, organise and manage relations and communications amongst enterprise stakeholders;
  • Methodologies and tools to gather and interpret data on needs, opinions and behaviour concerning organisation users (clients, users, etc.).

Presidente: prof. Fabrizio D'Ascenzo







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