1 )What are the Learning Additional Obligations (OFA)

To be admitted to a degree program the students must have a graduation of secondary school or another qualification obtained abroad and recognized as valid, as well as the possession or acquisition of an adequate initial preparation. To this end, the Faculty of Science defines the required knowledge for the access and choose the procedures for verification. If the verification is not conform  additional learning requirements (OFA) are indicated to be met in the first year. These additional educational tasks are assigned also to students of degree courses and "planned access" wich have been admitted to courses with a threshold below a predetermined minimum. (Art. 6 Ministerial Decree 270/2004)


2)How to recover the debt:

During the academic year a test will be conducted for the "debt recovery". The faculty organizes free online telematic retraining courses (see MOOMA platform). The Faculty strongly invites OFA students to attend retraining courses in order to facilitate the tests. If the tests are not passed, the alternative option (certainly more demanding) remains to pass the exam listed in the course regulations of the study membership.
3)The Recovery Schedule for OFA 2017/2018:
Is available on this link. It is advisable to follow the channel subdivision for the first letter of the surname, for reasons related to the classrooms capacity. However, if the student is unable to follow the lesson of his channel by overlapping with a lesson in his undergraduate course, you can attend the corresponding lesson of another channel.



We inform all students that the certificate issued after having solved the debt via Unitelma should not be delivered to the Educational Secretariat but must be kept by the student.

N.B.  For every technical problem of the Unitelma platform contact assistenza.tecnica@unitelma.it

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