Looking for Housing in Rome?

Exchange student accommodation

If you are an exchange student and will be attending Sapienza University in Rome, you can take advantage of a special housing programme reserved for exchange students.

More information at Sapienza University of Rome: Exchange student housing


Special Housing Agreements

Sapienza periodically issues a new call to identify housing for university students through agreements with agencies and individual house owners.


Sapienza Guest House

Sapienza University visitors partaking in conferences or seminars or who have been invited by Sapienza for a period of study or research are welcome to stay at the Sapienza Guest House.

The guest house is available to visiting professors and scientists, researchers and assistants, scholarship recipients, graduates and technical administrative staff from Italian and foreign universities provided they are invited by one of the faculties or departments at Sapienza. The Sapienza Guest Residence also houses students enrolled in the Senior School for Advanced Studies.

More information at Sapienza Guest House


Other accommodation options: http://en.uniroma1.it/node/13753


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