Bachelors Programme in Bioinformatics

The Bachelors Programme in Bioinformatics provides undergraduates with advanced knowledge of the molecular and cellular basis of biological systems, the structure and function of biological macromolecules and the cellular processes in which they are involved, analytical and biotechnological tools and mathematical methods, physics and chemistry for biotechnological applications; good computational and bioinformatics expertise, also for the organization, construction and access to databases, in particular for the analysis of genomes, proteomes and metabolomi; knowledge of the basic techniques in the various fields of biotechnology for the industry and the environment.

Graduates in Bioinformatics must:
  • Master specific technological platforms in the field of genetics and proteomics, design and develop new biologically active molecules, even with the use of nanostructured materials, techniques of fermentation and bioconversion for the production of metabolites, proteins of interest, and renewable energy sources, techniques purification and analysis of biomolecules; development of monitoring and environmental remediation processes;
  • Understand the basic aspects of operational processes in the industrial design of biotechnological products, in compliance with ecocompatibilty processes;
  • Possess advanced knowledge of patent systems and on technology transfer procedures;
  • Be fluent in written and spoken English and Italian with reference to disciplinary lexicons;
  • Be able to work autonomously, also taking on responsibility for projects and structures;
  • Be qualified to carry out basic and applied research, promotion and scientific development and technological innovation, professional activity and project in areas related to biotechnology disciplines;
  • Understand regulations related to bioethics, the validation/certification of products/biotechnological processes, the protection of inventions, and safety in biotechnology.

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