Didactic Commission

Function: The Didactics Commission plans the teaching activities in order to ensure high levels of quality and organization of the Courses, monitoring the fulfilment of what is required to maintain the accreditation of the courses.

Composition: Lecturers and students

Prof. Carlo Della Rocca (Dean)

Prof. Claudio Villani (Vice President)

Prof. Antonio Angeloni (C.L. Medicine A)

Prof. Antonella Calogero (C.L. Medicina E)

Prof. Paolo Villari (C.L. Medicine in English F)

Prof. Mariangela Biava (C.L. Pharmacy)

Prof. Antonello Mai (C.L. Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technologies)

Prof. Esterina Pascale (Coordinator of the Health Professions Degree Course in Rome)

Prof. Vincenzo Petrozza (Coordinator of the Degree Courses of Health Professions at the Polo Pontino site)

Mr. Pietro Bertoldo student representative

Mr. Cosimo Ciotta student representative


Classroom commission

Function: Monitoring the appropriate use of the classrooms and the coordination of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance activities also regarding the continuous implementation of teaching aids

Composition:Lectures, students and technical-administrative staff

Prof. Carlo Della Rocca – President of the Faculty

Prof. Paolo Villari

Prof. Carolina Marzuillo

Prof. Romano Silvestri

Prof. Rossella Fioravanti

dott.ssa Carlotta Forcesi – RAD

Dr. Mariuccio Angeletti – RUP

Mr. Fabrizio De Lorenzo – contact GOMP Classrooms and timetables

Mr. Salvatore Castello student representative

Mr. Valerio Annetta student representative


Internationalization Commission

Function:the promotion of internationalization, cooperation, and interaction with institutions in order to best exploit the Erasmus+ initiatives and any other programmes that the Faculty takes part in

Composition:Lecturers and students

Prof. Luciano Saso for biotechnologies

Prof. Bruno Botta for farmacy

Prof.ssa Daniela De Biase for medicine

Mr. Marco Pistone student representative

Mr. Michele D’Ambrosio student representative


Emeritus Commission

Function: The Commission deals with preliminary investigations concerning proposals for the appointment of Emeritus and Honorary Professors

Composition: Lecturers

Prof. Andrea Bellelli

Prof. Domenico Misiti

Prof. Angela Santoni


Programming Commission

Function: The Commission analyzes any imbalances in the scientific disciplinary sectors in order to plan possible solutions which can better utilize the resources of the Faculty

Composition: Lecturers

Prof. Angela Santoni

Prof. Bruno Botta

Prof. Claudio Villani


WEB Commission

Function: the Web Commission has the primary task of offering IT support services to the Departments, Professors and students of Sapienza, as well as managing and developing the Faculty website and communication.

Composition: Lecturers, students and technical-administrative staff

Prof. Carlo Della Rocca

Prof. Rino Ragno

Mr. Fabrizio De Lorenzo

Mr. Pietro Bertoldo - student representative

Mr. Andrea Carafa - student representative


Interfaculty Assistance Commission

Function: The Joint Commission with the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry is divided into areas (Medicine, Surgery, and Services) which include the various scientific disciplines, and deals with the resolution of issues related to welfare activities.

Composition: Lecturers






Foà Roberto MED/15

Ciardi Maria Rosa MED/17

Potenza Maria Concetta MED/35

Serrao Mariano MED/26


(MED/06, MED/09, MED/11, MED/12, MED/13, MED/15, MED/17, MED/25,  MED/26, MED/35, MED/39, MED/50, M­PSI08)


Gossetti Bruno MED/22

Sbarigia Enrico MED/22

Gumina Stefano MED/33

Martinelli Ombretta MED/22


MED/18, MED/21, MED/22, MED/23, MED/24, MED/27, MED/30, MED/31, MED/33, MED/50


Giannini Giuseppe MED/04

Villari Paolo MED/42

Riminucci Mara MED/08

Graziani Manuela BIO/14


MED/01, MED/02, MED/03, MED/04, MED/05, MED/07, MED/08, MED/34, MED/41, MED/42, MED/43, MED/44, MED45, MED46, MED48, MED/50, BIO09, BIO/10, BIO/11, BIO/12, BIO/13,  BIO/14, BIO/16, BIO17, CHIM/01, CHIM/02, CHIM/03, CHIM/06,  CHIM/08, CHIM/09, CHIM/10, M­EDF01, FIS/07, SECS­P06, IUS10,  VET/01, VE/T06


Medical Education Interfaculty Commission

Function: The Medical Education Commission promotes the evaluation and improvement of the teaching skills of teachers, the development of scientific research activities in Medical Pedagogy and the experimentation of innovative teaching techniques

Composition: Lecturers, students

Inter-faculty Committee of the CLMMC

Function: Coordination of the CLMMC educational activities

Composition: Lecturers

Presidency: Prof, Carlo Della Rocca, Antonella Polimenti, Massimo Volpe

Prof. Antonio Angeloni, President of the CLMMC A;

Prof. Manuela Merli, President of the CLMMC B;

Prof. Roberta Misasi, President of the CLMMC C;

Prof. Stefania Basili, President of the CLMMC D;

Prof. Antonella Calogero, President of the CLMMC E, Polo Pontino branch;

Prof. Paolo Villari, President of the CLMMC F, in English;

Prof. Giuseppe Familiari, the S. Andrea site


Faculty contact for disabled students or with DSA

Function: The Faculty contacts act as support for students with disabilities or with DSA helping them throughout their studies and are also contacts for all Faculty professors. They work to ensure that the specific measures established in agreement with the Office for the Disabled and the DSA Counselling Service of the University are applied, guaranteeing individual support.

Composition: Lecturer

Prof. Maria Rosa Ciardi


Faculty Library Commission

Function: The Library Committee aims to maintain constant coordination with the management of the Library and with the scientific managers (professors) and the heads of departmental libraries of the Faculty.

Composition: Lecturers, administrative technical staff and students

Departmental directors

Prof. Bruno Botta - Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology;

Prof. Pasquale Bartolomeo Berloco - General and Specialist Surgery "P. Stefanini ";

Prof. Cristina Limatola - Human Physiology and Pharmacology;

Prof. Angela Santoni - Molecular Medicine;

Prof. Paolo Villari - Public Health and Infectious Diseases;

Prof. Ciro Villani - Anatomical, Histological, Medical-Legal Sciences and Sciences of the Locomotor System;

Prof. Alberto Boffi - Director of the Biochemical Sciences Department;

Library Managers

Marina Dalla Torre - Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology;

Enrica Salone - General and Specialist Surgery "P. Stefanini ";

Marina Dalla Torre - Human Physiology and Pharmacology;

Silvia Cappucci - Molecular Medicine and Experimental Medicine;

Giuseppe Ugolini - Public Health and Infectious Diseases;

Maria Squarcione - Anatomical, Histological, Medical-Legal Sciences and Sciences of the Locomotor System;

Luisa Montini - Biochemical Sciences

Student representatives

Mrs Beatrice Muscedere

Ms Giulia Baldacci

Ms Emilia Anna Ida Bernadette Bruno


Student component of the University Didactic Commission

Function: The University Didactics Commission works in the organization and planning of teaching activities in order to ensure the quality and organizational levels of the Courses.

Composition: Students

Mr. Andrea Cannizzaro, student representative, full member

Ms Claudia Scipioni, student representative, substitute member

Further information:


Working Group regarding Quality and Teaching Innovation (GDL-QuID)

Function: The GDL-QuID, which was established with DR n. 2334/2017, aims to provide the Rector with opinions and proposals for possible strategies and guidelines in order to facilitate the improvement and innovation of teaching, with particular reference to the following aspects:

• teacher training and teaching strategies centred on student learning;

• innovative methodologies, technologies and teaching materials, which can improve teaching quality and effectiveness;

• diffusion of the culture of Quality and Didactic Innovation;

• forms of certification in order to enhance the commitment of teachers in innovative and quality teaching;

• collaboration with national and international bodies aimed at developing activities useful for their purposes;

• indicators of teaching quality;

• collaboration between teaching, research, third mission in relation to the territory.

Components: Lecturers

Prof. Cosimo Durante, the lecturer-tutor of the Training Project QUID 2018  working group - I edition


Regional Observatory for specialized medical training

Function: In accordance with Legislative Decree n. 368/99 art. 44, the Lazio Region has set up the Regional Observatory for specialized training. The Observatory evaluates, promotes and monitors the Specialization Schools.


Composition: Lecturers and representatives of doctors in training.

Prof. Massimo Rossi for the Faculty of Pharmacy and Medicine,

Dr. Federica Orlando for the Faculty of Pharmacy and Medicine

Prof. Carlo Catalano for the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

Dr. Franz Sesti for the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry



Interfaculty working group regarding the University anti-violence centre

Function: The working group must evaluate the feasibility of establishing an Anti-Violence Centre at Sapienza University and the possible coordination or collaboration with health structures / institutions in the territory.

Components: Lecturers

Prof. Mariangela Biava for the Faculty of Pharmacy and Medicine
Prof. Corrado De Vito for the Faculty of Pharmacy and Medicine

Prof. Stefania Basili for the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry
Prof. Alessandra Zicari for the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

Prof. Donatella Caserta for the Faculty of Medicine and Psychology
Prof. Roberto Baiocco for the Faculty of Medicine and Psychology



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