Sapienza, in compliance with the principles established in its Statute, and with the objectives of the third mission that it pursues, protects and valorises the results deriving from its research activities in order to facilitate the transfer of technology to businesses, to the socio-economic reality and external production.

The administration, through the Enhancement and Technology Transfer Office, promotes interaction between the University's research structures and the business world also through the identification and monitoring of the technological competences that the University expresses as a whole.

The Patents and Licensing Area manages the technical and administrative procedures to protect and manage the University intellectual property.

In particular, it supervises:

  • The promotion of culture and intellectual property, giving information on the law related to patents and brands, as well as the procedures to deposit patents both in Italy and abroad; 
  • Research on the authenticity of inventions to patents, verification of their actual innovation and supervision of the industrial development in specific fields, using specific databases; 
  • Improvement of the University research results and identification of innovation that requires patents and permits; 
  • Formal analysis of patent applications and administrative technical support to the Commission for Technical Patents during an evaluation process;
  • Management of the deposit service process for national and international patent applications to external agencies accredited by UIBM, EPO, USPTO, etc.;
  • Management, supervision and analysis of the university patent portfolio;
  • Development of agreements for the management, use and exploitation of ownership of jointly owned patents.
  • Support for the analysis of market potential and technical support of the invention portfolio through the definition of improvement and exploitation of intellectual property contracts (licenses, transfers, research contracts, MTA, NDA).

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