In the university system, the Department tries to reach its goals on feasible clinical-translational research and innovative proposals as well as on the excellence of the results for social utility. These objectives are applied offering both research and training.

The Department stands in competition with private structures in national and international scenario and also seeks to establish partnerships with such structures.

The Department, currently, is the union of Gynecological-Obstetric Sciences and Urological Sciences. In this way it is possible to joint the research objectives through these branches which have different points of contact. A Department that can express, through the systematic and cross-utilization of multiple skills and disciplinary specificity, in the richness of its forms, a new proposal. A complex structure expressing and articuling new areas of research/experimentation and offering original educational at all levels (CDL, CDL masterful, Postgraduate Schools, Masters, PhDs, Advanced Training).

The Department has set an organizational model in order to achieve:

- The best conditions to offer excellence in teaching together with best research results and experimentation;

- A virtuous interaction between teachers, researchers and facilities that are able to provide services for the improvement of the results of research/experimentation and learning.

Concrete steps have been started to improve the quality of internal services, research, testing and teaching  to increase our competitive capacity in the network of national and international university system. The objectives will be a continuation of decades of experience that took place in previous years. To implement our objectives, concrete actions will be done in order to interpret internal and external changes at Sapienza Rome University.

The Department is pursuing with determination the aim to achieve a credible identity, assuming the specific organizational model of its facilities:

- To support research;

- To support the virtuous relationship between testing and teaching;

- To support of relation strategies with top national and international structures;

- To support all that is necessary to achieve the objectives that underlie these strategies (organization of teaching and research, utilization of spaces and equipment, organization of service facilities and management resources).



The Department is characterized by the multidisciplinary skills of teachers and researchers components, which refer to two different SSD belonging to a CUN Area:


-- MED / 24 - Urological Sciences

-- MED / 40 - Gynecological-Obstetric Sciences


The scientific-disciplinary contents cover research, teaching applied research and experimentations on the whole field of urological and gynecological-obstetric pathologies.

Teachers and researchers to better carry out their research activities are aggregated into Sections and Research Unit.

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