Classrooms (via Scarpa and Via del Castro Laurenziano)

Via Scarpa 10-12-16, Roma Google map


Via del Castro Laurenziano 7-9, Roma Google map

Several classrooms which are utilized for the teaching activities of our Faculty are located in the buildings of Via Scarpa 10-12-16 and Via del Castro Laurenziano 7-9.

Each building has a code, starting with “RM”, which identifies the building itself. See attached map.

The following table lists the classrooms, toghether with their maximum capacities as reported on the signboards posted outside each classroom.

Denominazione Ubicazione N. di posti
Aula 1 Edificio RM018 96
Aula 2 Edificio RM018 108
Aula 3 Edificio RM018 168
Aula 12 Edificio RM005 252
Aula 13 Edificio RM005 252

RM005 - Via Scarpa 12

RM018 - via Castro Laurenziano 7A


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