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Statute of Sapienza University (Art. 12)

Faculty Assembly. Participants are: all full professors and researchers (including fixed-term researchers) connected to the Faculty’s departments, all with voting rights, with the exception of those connected to other structures, as decided by the Academic Senate by qualified majority vote; the Office’s coordinator and the Administrative secretary, both with deliberating vote; Technical-administrative staff representatives, with a quota of at least 15% of the teaching and same-level staff; an equal quota of student representatives as provided by the Faculty regulations. For what concerns the determination of the majority, if a certain category of the Assembly represents the absolute majority voting participants, the members of said category are to be counted only if present. The Council normally meets every six months. The single categories of the Assembly elect their respective representatives for the Council, following regulations approved by the Faculty Assembly, based on model regulations approved by the Academic Senate.

Student representatives


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