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1st Workshop - Rome

1st Workshop - Rome



On 22-24 November at the Faculty of Economics and the Department of Management of Sapienza University of Rome, the first Workshop of the FRED2 project, Fraud Repression through EDucation 2, was held on the topics 'Capacity building, network programme guidelines and mapping of case studies and knowledge on the protection of the EU's financial interests and the fight against fraud'.


Distinguished academics, esteemed experts on the subject and important Italian and European institutional personalities intervened with contributions and suggestions in the fight against fraud to the detriment of the EU budget and interests. 


In addition to several Sapienza professors, the Italian universities of L'AquilaSassari and Ca'Foscari of Venice were involved. Representatives of foreign FRED2 partner universities, including University of West Attica-Greece and University of UC Louvain-Belgium, also participated in the activities. Thanks to the speeches of all of them, the role of universities in providing adequate training for the Europroject managers of the future has been clarified.


Among the Italian and international organisations involved that made their own contribution on this occasion were OLAF, European Anti-Fraud Office with the participation of Dr. Andrea Bordoni; EPPO, European Public Prosecutor's Office thanks to the presence of Dr. Alessandro Di Taranto; AFCOS Italian, Greek, Belgian and Finnish respectively with the presentations of Lt. Col. Col. Cruciano Cruciani, Dr. Dimosthenis Avarkiotis, Dr. Toni Tiala and Dr. Christian Bourlet respectively; the General Directorate of the MASE with the participation of Dr. Giorgio Centurelli; the Reporting and Control Unit of the Inspectorate General for the PNRR at the MEF, with the intervention of Lt. Col. Ugo Liberatore; the Unit of the Special Unit for Public Expenditure and Repression of Community Fraud of the Guardia di Finanza with Col. Andrea Pecorari; APRE, the Agency for the Promotion of European Research, with the participation of Dr. Serena Borgna; the Lazio Region (Regional Directorate for Economic Development, Productive Activities and Research) thanks to the contribution of Dr. Agnese Gnessi, with the participation of Dr. Giorgio Centurelli; the 'Reporting and Control' Unit of the General Inspectorate for the PNRR at the MEF, with the participation of Lt.ssa Agnese Gnessi and Dr. Roberta Lacava; ANAC, National Anti-Corruption Authority, with Dr. Luca Forteleoni; and finally IGIT, General Inspectorate for Information Technology and Technological Innovation, at the MEF, with the contribution of Dr. Ugo Pietropaoli.


The last day was dedicated to the formulation of a task force that, through the presence of figures from the academic and institutional world, but also with professional experts, could help to identify new and more efficient mechanisms for the protection of the EU's financial interests and support the best experiences and best practices in preventing and combating irregularities, fraud and other illegal activities to the detriment of the European budget. The watchword of the working group formed is collaboration, but also circularity of information. 


The first FRED2 Workshop was an opportunity for sharing, training and information on the issues that are dear to the world of Europlanners, and not only, so much so that the Conference was attended, remotely and in person, by about a hundred students from Sapienza's international courses.


Upcoming FRED2 events include the second Workshop to be held on 19-20 February at the Ca' Foscari University of Venice, a partner in the project.


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