Andrea Giorgi

Biosignals Data Analyst

After graduating with a bachelor's degree in Natural Sciences, Dr. Andrea Giorgi graduated with honors in Neurobiology from Sapienza University in October 2019.

Beginning in 2018, Dr. Giorgi collaborates with BrainSigns s.r.l. initially as graduating student, focusing on the acquisition and analysis of cortical activity of unilateral and bilateral cochlear implant patients, both adults and children, and later as a researcher within the Human Factor project.

In 2021, he began his PhD in Morphogenesis and Tissue Engineering at the University of Rome La Sapienza, continuing his collaboration with BrainSigns s.r.l..

His activity is focused on the study of neurophysiological correlates characteristic of various mental states such as attention, workload, stress and mental fatigue, with particular attention to applications aimed at the automotive context. 

In parallel to this, Dr. Giorgi supports the activity of programming and administering Implicit Association Tests (IAT) applied to Neuromarketing investigations.