PhD Course

PhD Program

The PhD Course in “Psychology and Cognitive Science” plays a key role in high-educational degree for those people that are looking for academic research and teaching careers in the study of Experimental Psychology and related fields.
The intensity of the Course demands energy and zeal in the pursuit of greater understanding, and a willingness to master the theoretical, behavioral, and neuroscientific approaches that are the essential components of an academic research in this domain. Such preparation reaches its culmination in the original research presented in the candidate's doctoral dissertation, and conferral of the Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology, Psychophysiology and Personality signifies that he or she has attained expert competence in a major field of psychological study.
Each student in the Program chooses to concentrate in one of several available fields of study. Tutors and advisors play a key role in guiding students through the Course. Although a student's primary coursework and research activities are concentrated in the field of specialization, this does not limit the range of a student's study; cross-disciplinary study is frequent and encouraged. Regular comunications between the student and faculty advisors are promoted. Moreover, candidates have to participates in workshops and other scientifical activities (seminars, lectures, etc...) kept by national and international invited lectures.
Candidates have to frequent summer schools of methodology, and to spend at least 4 months abroad developing research projects in a centre of excellence. Participation to national and international conferences with papers related to their own scientifical acitivity in highly encouraged. For each years of Course, a final evaluation of candidates’ work is provided by the teaching committee. The specific works are separated for each year of the Ph.D. course: In the 1st year a critical review of the literature in the research field chosen by the candidate is required; in the 2nd year, a pilot study on an argument developed on the knowledge acquired with the review; 3rd year: the final study, organizing an original research work.


Major Research Topics

Cognitive Processes
Experimentation and modeling of processes as recognition, attention, mental representation, concept development, memory, thinking, reasoning, problem solving, language, intelligence, emotion. All these topic can be devolped taking into account developmental perspective, in both normal and pathological subjects.

Musical Cognition Processes
Cognitive analysis of musical behaviour including the three basic steps: composition, execution, fruition; and application of the study on musical cognition processes to comunication, multimediality and educational fields.

Decision Making Processes
Modeling of Cognitive Processes involved with decision making and prevision in risk, cooperative and competitive situations.

Cognitive Processes in Disability and in Emergency Situations
Development of cognitive capabilities in disabled persons, psycotechnologies and assistive devices; theories and models of cognitive activity in case of emergency.

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