• Mental imagery is the cognitive process underling image generation. An image is generated when perceptual information is recalled from long-term memory and is loaded on working memory system, usually resulting as an introspective experience of our perception. This internal...

    • Strategies and heuristics in spatial planning and navigation:
      Visuo-spatial planning is a process based on heuristics and is carried out in small units during information processing and not in a...
    • Assessment of executive functions
    • Validation and scoring of neuropsychological tests
    • ICA analysis of fMRI data.
    • Relative entropy and music genre categorization.
    • Neural models of music processing modules.
    • Human factors, accessibility and usability
    • Assistive technologies
    • Audio-visual semantic interactions in environmental event recognition
    • Art and cross-modality
    • Cross-modal attention:...
    • Perception of timbre
    • Psychology of rhythm
    • Interactions between melody and rhythm
    • Structuring factors for long term memory for musical excerpts
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