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  • 2010-2012   Across Waters. The river redesigned. Belgrade (Serbia)   Urban and architectural modeling for the reconnection of the opposite banks of the Danube river in Belgrade. On the one side the town with its centuries-old heritage, on the other side a contemporary illegal and informal huge settlement to be completely re-centered and re-defined in its identity and substance. A scientific research cooperation with the University of Belgrade.
  • 2010-2015  The urban walls of Candia. Crete (Greece)   Crete is the site of a modeling action having its focus in the sustainable re-use of the huge system of fortifications built by Venetian Republic around the main towns of the island (Candia, today Iraklion; La Canea, today Hania) during its centuries-long war against the Ottoman Empire. Today the walls are both an heritage and a resource, intended as connecting space suitable for functional and formal improvement of the quality and identity of old and contemporary town.A scientific research cooperation with the University of Hania, Crete.
  • 2013-2015 The Waterfront of Hania. Crete (Greece)   The previous modeling experience on the urban walls of Hania in Crete is extended to the waterfront of the town. The main  competencies of LabMed  - heritage and coastal design – are jointly desplayed with the aim of shaping a new architectural and urban identity for the centre,  strongly connected with the exhisting context. A scientific research cooperation with the University of Hania, Crete.
  • 2012-2014   Project Marrakech. The urban walls, the water, the centrality. Marrakech (Morocco)   Modeling, side of the heritage in the imperial town of Marrakech, linking future development opportunities – a financial hub instead of a dismissed industrial area, local facilities close to a traditional water basin, a linear town center along the urban walls - with the respect for the site. Proposing a contextual but not mimetic, updated architecture. A scientific research cooperation with the National School of Architecture (ENA) of Morocco in Rabat.
  • 2014-2016 Floating Squares. Transborder EU project GreatMed.  The model of floating squares as sustainable and resilient infrastructures for the Mediterranean shores, applied in different sites in Lebanon, Tunisia, Italy, France. A square floating in the summer front of the beach, able to move in the inner basin of a nearby port in the winter, with the same function of shaping sustainable architectural quality and identity of the place. A tool to use water surface without deleting it. On the contrary returning it, at the end of every seasonal cycle, to its rank among the things that have the power of Mediterranean identity and culture.