Dr. Maurizio Gorgoni

Current position: Ph.D.


- Sleep, memory and cerebral plasticity
- Sleep and cortical excitability
- Sleep deprivation
- Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS)
- Transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) and transcranial alternate current stimulation (tACS)
- Methodology of psychophysiologic reserch
- Sleepiness
- Methodology of psychophysiologic reserch
- Sleep Inertia
- Qunatitative analysis and cortical topography in normal and pathologic aging
- Sleep Onset



2005 - Fellow in "Madonna del Divino Amore", Roma

2006 - Short graduation in Psychology (University of Rome "Sapienza"); thesis title: "Sleep and memory: new evidence and old problems" (supervisor: Prof. Luigi De Gennaro)

2008 - Intern fellow in the Sleep Psychophysiology Laboratory of University of Rome "Sapienza" (supervisor: Prof. Luigi De Gennaro)”

2009 - Graduation in Psychology with prise (University of Rome "Sapienza"); thesis title:"Cerebral plasticity and sleepiness after sleep deprivation" (supervisor:Prof. Luigi De Gennaro)

2009 - Passed the examination for the Doctorate of Research in Psychophysiology in the University of Rome "Sapienza"

2009 - Member of the Italian Sleep Research Society (S.I.R.S.)

2013 - Obtain the degree of "Research Doctorate" (Ph.D.) in the University of Rome "Sapienza". Thesis title: "TMS associative paradigms applied to the study of the relatinoship between sleep and synpatic plasticity"

2013 - Temporary Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Psychology - University of Rome "Sapienza".




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