The staff of the laboratory currently includes:

Our research activities are carried out in close collaboration with the Laboratory of Sleep of Prof. Michele Ferrara (associate professor, Ph.D), Department of Health Science of University of L'Aquila and Giuseppe Curcio (Ph.D.). Both Prof. Michele Ferrara and Giuseppe Curcio started their carreers in our laboratory.

The Sleep Psychophysiology Laboratory was founded in the 1980 by prof. Mario Bertini and it is now directed by prof. Luigi De Gennaro.
At the beginning, the research activity was mainly focused on counsciousness levels during sleep, dreaming and hemispheric cognitive asymmetries during sleep and wake.
Then, great attention was dedicated to the investigation of the psychophysiological features of wake-to-sleep and sleep-to-wake transitions and to the causes and consequences of sleepiness. During this period, several studies were carried out for evaluating physiological, behavioural, cognitive and subjective effects of total, parial and selective sleep deprivation.
More recently, thanks to the developing of quantitative techniques of electroencephalographic (EEG) analysis, the research focus was turned to the mechanisms of normal and pathological sleep regulation, to the relationship between sleep and cognitive processes (i.e., learning and memory) and to the genetic bases of human sleep.
In the last years, finally, with recent techniques such as Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) and quantitative EEG, several studies were carried out to investigate the levels of cortical excitability during sleep and topographical differences in the sleep EEG.