Collaboration with the Research Unit of "Rome Sapienza" (research manager prof. L. Altarelli) in the research:
PRIN 2008 “L'intervento nelle aree archeologiche per la musealizzazione e la comunicazione culturale”
Filming, editing and post-production of the video"THERMAE CARACALLAE", presented at the international conference “The archaeological musealization: a multidisciplinary approach in archaeological sites”, Turin, november 2011

PRIN Research 2006 “Ricerca e sperimentazione di nuovi modelli e tecnologie informatiche per la formazione a distanza dell’architetto”

General coordination, national coordinator prof. Lucio Barbera. Research Units involved:
- University of Rome "La Sapienza", Department of Architecture, scientific responsible: Lucio Valerio Barbera
- University of Rome "Roma Tre", Faculty of Architecture, scientific responsible: Paolo Desideri
- Polytechnic University of Turin, Department of Architectural and Industrial Design, scientific responsible: Liliana Bazzanella
- University of Molise, Department of Animal, Plant and Environmental Sciences, scientific responsible: Stefano Panunzi
- Marche Polytechnic University, Department of Architecture, Construction and Structures, scientific responsible: Gianluigi Mondaini

Research on Sustainable Design (since 2007) ex Hypertextual architectural communications on the existential comfort

responsible prof. Franca Bossalino with Anna Gadola.

Research on video Languages ​​for registration of architectural events

in collaboration with the Order of Architects and PPC of Rome.

Research on e-learning for Sustainable Design (Human Sciences, Arts and Environment Federated Athenaeum):
e-learning teaching laboratory for sustainable architecture design

E-learning teaching research for interior design

European research WINDS (Web Base Intelligent Design Tutoring System)
Archetypal Contents for Innovative Design Links & Boundaries
The research examined the potential of multimedia for Design E-teaching.
18 european university involved.