To the Letters and modern Cultures are belonging the following libraries:

  • Library of Book and Document Sciences
  • Library ex SSAB
  • Library of Geography
  • Biblioteca Italiana
  • Library of Linguistics
  • Library of Music History


The Department uses an important complex of laboratories, equipped with up-to-date equipment in the areas of IT support for didactics and advanced research in the field of documentary and music, the recovery and digitization of photographic and cartographic documents and geographical information systems:

  • CRILet, laboratorio di Coordinamento Ricerca Informatica Letteratura e Testo “Giuseppe Gigliozzi”
  • Laboratorio GeoCartografico
  • Laboratorio di Informatica musicale
  • Laboratorio informatico per la ricerca e la didattica
  • libri&documenti (Laboratorio dei servizi digitali della Biblioteca di Scienze documentarie)

    The Department also pertains to the Interdepartmental Centre “Digilab

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