Didactic Committee

The Didactic Committee is coordinated by the Deputy Dean in charge of didactics and is made up, in addition to the Dean and the Didactic Manager, of the teachers in charge of didactics and the six Department Educational Affairs Officers of the Faculty. Its primary purpose is facilitating communication and interaction between the Dean’s Office and the subjects who are involved in the complex management of the various Department degree programmes.

Koesters Gensini Sabine Elisabeth

Faculty Didactic Manager
Mr. Tizzano Enrico

Philosophy department
Prof. Spinelli Emidio
Dott.ssa Petito Valentina

Literature and Modern Cultures department
Prof. Giammona Claudio
Dott.ssa Sonego Silvia

Italian Institute of Oriental Studies department - ISO
Prof. Milasi Luca
Dott.ssa Panciroli Benedetta

Classics department
Prof.ssa Orlandi Silvia
Dott.ssa Santinelli Stefania

History, Anthropology, Religion, Arts and Performing Arts department
Prof.ssa Plebani Eleonora
Dott.ssa De Sire Cristina

European, American and Intercultural Studies department - SEAI
Prof.ssa Tarantino Angela
Dott. Vitale Claudio



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