Student ombudsperson

Prof. Condello Emma

The Faculty Student Ombudsperson has the task of facilitating a correct and efficient relationship between students and the Faculty, intended as the teaching and administrative staff and as the sum of the services provided. The Student Ombudsperson receives and examines reports, complaints, remarks and proposals submitted by students concerning their right to education and the various aspects of their condition as students of the Faculty and the University; she investigates the troubles or specific situations reported and reports them to the Dean to take any required measures.
Besides the Dean of the Faculty, the Faculty Student Ombudsperson reports to the Deputy Rector for the right to education and to Sapienza Student Ombudsperson, to whom reference can be made for issues of general concern.

The Student Ombudsperson does not accept anonymous reports but ensures anonymity to reporting students and all confidentiality about their name and any other information which could help to identify them.

The Student Ombudsperson receives students at her office located in the Faculty’s main building, room no. 6, second floor, in the Department of History, Anthropology, Religion, Arts and Performing Arts– Section of Medieval History and Paleography; the office is accessible for students with disabilities by elevator.

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