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The MASTER’s duration is one academic year.

The MASTER is  divided into three quarters:

The first one begins in February and ends in May. In this period will be given the courses of lectures of the first series. The schedule of the lectures will be organized from time to time in accordance with the didactic requirements and above all in accordance with the operating requirements of the military participants. At the end of the first series, within the limits of the quarter, the participants will take the exams for the credits achieving.

The second one begins in June and ends in September indicatively. In this period the courses of lectures of the second series will be given, and at the end of the quarter the related exams will be taken.

In the third quarter, between October and December, the participant will take part to stages in industrial or research laboratories otherwise, in alternative, will choose other courses of lectures and for the thesis.

The dispute of the thesis and the related achieving of the Diploma will be taken place at the end of the third quarter. A session of extra lessons will be expected in January.


At the end of the course, the participant gets from the University of Rome La Sapienza the Master’s Degree of second level in O& QI. The Master’s achievement is subject to the achievement of 60 didactic credits.