The master has a duration of 1 year and will be take place every two years:

60 CFU (1500 hours)
38 CFU Modules
10 CFU Short courses
12 CFU Internship and final exam

The training course is divided into three phases:
First period (January-February 2023): the initial classroom activities aimed to improve soil and rocks mechanics and geotechnical modelling knowledge. It includes: 
Module 1: Geotechnical characterization of soils and Geotechnical characterization of rocks (8 ECTs)
Module 2: Geotechnical modeling (6 ECTs).

Second period (May-September 2023): the second classroom activities develops Design & Management of Geotechnical and Major Underground Projects, business cases and technical visits. It includes:
Module 3: Design of foundations (6 ECTs)
Module 4: Design of tunnels, underground and earthworks (12 ECTs)
Module 5: Design of landslide slope stabilization (6 ECTs).

These modules will provide the detailed study of all the technological and construction aspects, areas of application, application limits, design criteria, verification and testing, regulatory aspects and design standards, technical specifications, costs, etc .. in each of the three modules are covered specific issues such as soil structure interaction, analysis of mixed foundations, dynamic analysis of the slopes, etc ..

Lectures are given by:
1. Lecturers of the Department of Structural and Geotechnical Engineering, generally entrusted with the organization and coordination of teaching modules and with the carrying out of most of the teaching activities.
2. Lecturers of the highest reputation from other Departments of Engineering of Sapienza and other italian or foreign Universities, who are entrusted with a well-defined activity, generally one or two seminars. 
3. Professionals from design societies, from specialized companies and institutions, called for their prestige in the world of work; they illustrate works and projects in which they have been directly involved for the design and / or realization; they report the construction technologies

At the end of each period is expected an intermediate examination.

The third period (November-January 2023) is dedicated to the final thesis developed during an internship carried out at various institutions and bodies selected among those who sponsor the Master.
During the internship (three-month duration) the pupils are supervised by a company tutor. During the training, students will improve their analytical, problem-solving and communications skills, and develop capacities for teamwork. 

Educational offer is enriched by seminars and short courses about specific topics, including:

- Risk analysis and risk management
- Project and site management
- Seismic geotechnics
- Maritime construction
- Dam design
- Consolidation of soil and rocks
- Monitoring systems

The educational offer is completed by technical visits at civil construction sites and by an educational trip.