The Master is a high specializing course, that forges a solid link between University and  Industry, providing  new graduates and young professionals with practical skills and a multidisciplinary knowledge in design, construction and management of major geotechnical and underground projects.
Master in Geotechnical Design provide the opportunity to young engineers to add important elements to those acquired during the university studies, focus on:

Geotechnical Design (tunnels and excavation, slope stabilization, foundations)
- Construction Technologies
Project and Risk Management
- Laboratory and Site Investigations 

Learning goals are most of all the strengthening of knowledge about geotechnical characterization of soils and rocks by theoretical and experimental studies.
The first expected result is to make the pupils in condition to define a good geotechnical model, useful to deal with every specific theme and its application, identifying more suitable constitutive models and calibrating them by the results of the tests.
The second step is increasing technical, technological and organizational knowledge, to make students able to develop geotechnical projects themselves: underground works, galleries, landslide stabilization design, foundations, earth works etc. Students are requested to develop projects under the supervision of lecturers and selected tutors.
Moreover, the Master makes the pupils aware of the legislation, management of construction site, risk assessment, funding of public and private works.

In this edition, participation will be completely free as tuition fees are covered by our partners hosting the curricular internships. More information on the registration procedure will be available on the master's webpage.