Malindi 50 anniversary

Mercoledì, 26 Aprile, 2017

On Wednesday, April 26, the fiftieth anniversary of the first launch of an Italian satellite from the San Marco space station of Ngomeni falls.

On the occasion of this recurrence, the next event will be held on April 26, 2017, entitled "Italy from the San Marco Project to Space Economy".

The Rector of Wisdom, Eugenio Gaudio, opens the session of the work, followed by Marcello Onofri, Director of CRAS Sapienza. The story of the launch of Satellite San Marco B is a time of pride for Italian aerospace scientific research. The first session will be attended by witnesses of the events of the time, with the projection of movies and images that will show places, objects and people not to be forgotten ...

Following will be the President of ASI, Roberto Battiston, NASA Representative in Europe, Tim Tawney and an exponent of the Italian Military Air Force. In the second session, the Managing Directors of major space industries will take part in a Round Table devoted to illustrating the strategic industrial projects aimed at consolidating the international location of Italian companies and the country's future growth in the Space Economy sector, powerful drivers economic development and knowledge. The initiative will not only be commemorative but will provide great visibility to the progress that our scientific and industrial world has accomplished in this half century, to put our technology at the leading position in many European activities on Launchers, Satellites and Satellite Applications, Interplanetary Missions and Return Vehicles. Finally, in memory of 25 years after the first flight of the first Italian astronaut in Space, Franco Malerba is scheduled to take over.