Master Course STS aims at filling the gap between industrial needs and educational programs offered by the European Universities involved in the area of the Space Transportation sector. In the job market, a high demand exists for the profile of a System Engineer expert in Space Transportation/Analysis and Design of space vehicles and launchers. Despite of that, the curricula of the European universities cover only partially the specific needs of this sector.

The need to establish this training course for graduate students becomes especially important when one of the pillars of European space policy is precisely to guarantee independent access to space, so as to consolidate its leading position in the international scenario.

Master Course STS is an initiative highly innovative and unique in the EU context aimed at fostering:

  • the assessment of transversal skills and promote the professional development of this specific profile;
  • the hiring of young graduate engineers in European and Italian industries and in Space Agencies;
  • the relationship between education and industry, which is the founding concept of the Master STS; this special relationship improves the European University excellence.
  • the best specialists in the field of Space Transportation Systems both from Universities and Industries are involved in the planned activities and will share their experience with all trainees.

The added values of the Master Course STS project are:

  • Attendance of the course is free of charges; all the expenses associated with the course are covered by funds originating from the sponsor Industries;
  • Structured cooperation between academic institutions, Space Agencies, Research Centers and Companies involved in the Space Transportation System field;
  • Structured joint effort among Universities harmonized by the ECTS grading system, which combines together different educational models;
  • Important contacts with industries and job market in the space transportation systems field;
  • A high degree of specialization improves the career prospects of the trainees, thanks to the internships planned at the end of the Master STS;
  • A unique possibility to receive an advanced training at the Italian and European Research Centers involved in the Master STS, with the intensive programme scheduled at the end of the frontal lectures that are held in the Sapienza campus;
  • A unique possibility to visit (thanks to the contribution of ESA and sponsor industries) the Kourou Launch base.

The activities of the Master Course STS are addressed to:

  • Young Graduate Engineers in Aerospace and Aeronautical Engineering,
  • Mechanical Engineering, Robotic Engineering, Telecommunication Engineering,
  • Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering and Computer Science Engineering, who needs to improve their skills in Space Transportation Systems,
  • Young professionals active in the field of Space Transportation Systems, which need additional training in this specific area.
  • Industry employees engaged in boosting their professional training by attending lectures given by the best experts of the field.