Mauro Valorani is Full Professor of Aerospace Propulsion at the Department of Mechanics and Aerospace Engineering, Sapienza University, Rome, since November 1, 2013.

He graduated in Mechanical Engineering at Trieste, Italy in 1985.

He obtained the VKI Diploma in Environmental and Applied Fluid Dynamics in 1984, from the Von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics, Bruxelles.

In 1991, he obtained the Ph.D. in Applied Mechanics from Sapienza U.

He served as Research Scientist (1991-98), and as Associate Professor (1998-2013) in Aerospace Propulsion at Sapienza U.

His research work is mostly related to modeling and computational techniques in Reacting Flows (Combustion, Aero-thermo-chemistry); model reduction, analysis, and solution of large chemical kinetic mechanisms in view of CFD applications; development of stiff solvers for dissipative systems. He recently activated a research line on UQ problems in Reacting Flow.

He established a long-standing scientific collaboration with CRF/SANDIA, since 1999, and several other collaborations with a number of European and US Universities.

He is member of the Scientific Committee of the International Workshop in Model Reduction in Reacting Flow.

He chaired or co-chaired a number of international workshops or mini-symposia. He gave seminars and invited lectures at Stanford U., Virginia Tech U., CNES Evry, INRIA Rocquencourt, INRIA Rennes, CRF/Sandia, Patras U., Michigan U., KAUST.

He acts as Scientific and Didactical Coordinator of a Master Course in Space Transportation Systems, Sapienza - University of Rome (

He teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in Aerospace Propulsion (Gas Turbine Engines, Combustion, ...) at the Faculty of Civil and Industrial Engineering, Sapienza - University of Rome.

He acted as consultant for the European Space Agency (ESA), the Italian Space Agency (ASI); AVIO Group, Rivalta, Italy; ENEA Casaccia, Italy; Italian Ship Naval Basin (INSEAN), Italy; CIRA, Italy.

He serves as reviewer for a number of archival journals (Combustion and Flames, J. Comput. Physics, Combustion Theory and Modeling, Physica D, Acta Astronautica) and peer-reviewed conferences (Symposium on Combustion, ICDERS).

He is Senior Member of the American Institute Aerospace and Astronautics, Member of the Combustion Institute (Italian Section), Member of Von Karman Institute Alumni Association.

He is author and co-author of more than 70 papers on International Archival Journals and International Conference Proceedings.  His papers have collected more than 500 citations (

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