Admission, fee, deadlines

The access to the master is regulated by a public competition and is open to all the candidates with a five years degree in Aerospace Engineering or other Engineering fields.
Admission are conceived on a competitive selection basis (Curriculum Vitae and Interview) and performed at the students' home universities. All candidates should demonstrate a sound knowledge of fundamental notions in Thermo-fluid-dynamics and Gas-dynamics, Aerospace Propulsion, Aerospace Structures, Aerospace Flight Mechanics.
A maximum of 20 positions are available
The attendance fee amounts to 4500 euro.  Nevertheless, a zero cost participation will be offered to students selected by the Sponsor Industries. Scholarships are available for the entire amount of the attendance fee, offered by space companies or public institutions that can also cover the expenses of their personnel, in case of  admission to the course. An interview will be made to the candidate participants.
The deadline for submitting the request for participation will be published on the website,  usually by the end of July of each year. Information will be also available from the secretariat of the master (+0039-06-44585882) . The secretariat of the master supports all the formalities for European and for the non EU candidate students.