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The Master Course in Space Transport Systems: Launchers and Re-entry vehicles (STS) offers an educational path that aims at developing highly qualified system engineer experts in Space Transportation / Analysis and Design of space vehicles and launchers, suitable for management, as well as R&D roles.
The European Professional Master Course in Space Transport Systems: Launchers and Re-entry vehicles (STS) is carried out in English only and consists in a compulsory attendance comprised of 1.500 hours activity. STS has been conceived and structured as a service to help the best graduates in finding a job within companies, agencies and authorities related to the aerospace field. 
From the annual enquiry about job placement and carriers of former students very positive results were obtained both in Europe and abroad. After the course, 80 % of the participants find an employment in the aerospace or aerospace-related field. 
Indeed, employers are inclined to offer a regular employment contract after the internship period. Our best contribution is undoubtedly in the realization of the Vega launcher, several of our former students having been principal actors in this important project.

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