The Master is divided into two semesters, the first of which is dedicated to regular classes in which theory, applications, case studies and teamwork activities are combined together.  At the end of the semester students will attend an intensive programme. Training in some of the best research Centers in Italy and Europe. Thanks to the contributions od ESA and Arianespace, during the last master courses it was also possible to visit the aerospace base in Korou. After these training weeks the students will attend paid internship in a company, under the joint tutorship of a University professor and a company manager. During this phase a Master’s thesis will be elaborated by students which will be evaluated as a final exam.
The theoretical education (frontal lectures and experimental activities, conceived as seminars, work projects, exercises, middle-term tests,ecc.) will be in Rome at Palazzo Baleani - Vittorio Emanuele II, n.244 - ground  floor - classroom: n. 4.