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Bachelors and Masters programmes (also known simply as degree programmes) have different types of access. On the basis of current provisions, the following are established: 

Degree programmes with entrance tests for the verification of knowledge with open access, but with a required entrance test: the terms and procedures for participating in the tests of single courses or groups of courses are governed by the call for applications. To enroll in these courses, students will have to take the entrance test according to the procedures specified in the call and complete the enrolment procedures within the deadlines stated in the call, regardless of their ranking. Based on the results of the test, students may be assigned additional training requirements which must be fulfilled in the manner prescribed by each faculty.

Bachelors programmes with limited access, which provide for a restriction on the number of students enrolled: this number is stated in the call which is issued for each degree programme. To enrol in degree programmes with limited access, students must take the test according to the procedures stated in the call, achieve a useful ranking position with respect to the number of places available, and complete the enrolment procedures by the deadlines stated in the call.

Masters programmes with requirements and personal knowledge assessment: students who wish to enrol in this type of course must first verify that they are in possession of the curricular requirements for access as stated in the regulations of each degree programme and in the second part of the Academic Regulations of the University.

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