The Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry of Sapienza University of Rome is endowed with administrative and organisational autonomy and is responsible for the coordination, rationalisation, and monitoring of educational and research activities in collaboration with the eleven departments which compose it. The
Faculty is also responsible for promoting cultural development and scientific and educational integration, as well as managing services which are common to all of the university departments, which each represent different areas of the medical sciences.

The educational offerings of the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry are divided into three main areas:

1. the Masters Programme in Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics;
2. Masters Programmes in Medicine and Surgery;
3. Bachelors and Masters Programmes in the Health Professions.

The Faculty also has a number of post-graduate courses, including PhDs, specialisation schools in healthcare fields for both medical and non-medical graduates, I and II-level Professional Master Courses, and Advanced Training Courses.

Furthermore, the Faculty administration promotes and organises events of social relevance and for the promotion of scientific awareness which are aimed at students, doctoral students, residents, teachers, technical-administrative personnel, and citizens. These events are in accordance with Sapienza’s strategic objective to pursue socially responsible development” in the third mission activities of the University.

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